1K Clear Plastic Primer 500ml £9.99

Product Description

Excellent adhesion to most plastics
flexible foam, UP-GF plastics)
• Transparent
• Very fast drying
• Can be over coated with any primer or topcoat
Product Type Nitro Combi
Coverage 1.56 - 2.19m² per 500ml
Drying times Dust Free 5 - 10minutes
Touch Dry 10 - 20 minutes
Sand able 15 minutes
Overcoat able 15 –30 minutes
The drying time depends on temperature, humidity and the
thickness of the applied coat.
Physical and chemical data
Code: PP500
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Surface Preparation
• Abrade and clean surfaces thoroughly prior to coating
• The surface must be free from all contamination
including grease and moisture.
• Before use, carefully read and note the warning text on