Straight to Melamine/Laminate RAL 7038 Agate Grey Paint Aerosols 400ml Cans £14.99

Straight to Melamine/Laminate RAL 7038 Agate Grey Paint
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Manufacturer: One Stop Aerosols

Product Code: Straight to Melamine/Laminate RAL 7038 Agate Grey Paint

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Product Description

Experience unparalleled excellence with our Customisable Straight to Melamine/Laminate RAL 7038 Agate Grey Paint Aerosol Spray Paint from the esteemed RAL Classic Colour range, designed for effortless application on melamine or laminate surfaces. This premium paint is expertly formulated to bond seamlessly with melamine or laminate materials, ensuring superb adhesion and comprehensive coverage. Its ultra-fast drying technology minimizes downtime, while the robust composition yields an extraordinarily tough and enduring finish. Our paint is rigorously engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions and resist UV degradation, guaranteeing a lasting, vibrant appearance for your melamine or laminate surfaces.

Paint Application Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation: Prior to any painting activity, it is imperative that the item to be painted is thoroughly cleaned using a degreasing agent. This step is crucial for removing any contaminants that may impair the paint's ability to properly adhere to the surface.
  2. Masking: To safeguard areas that are not designated for painting, meticulous masking is required. This preventative measure is essential to minimise the risk of overspray, thereby ensuring a clean and precise finish.
  3. Application Process: For optimal colour saturation and uniformity, the application of 3 to 4 coats of paint is recommended. It is critical that each coat is applied consistently, following the same technique to achieve a seamless and even layering.
  4. Curing and Drying Times: Post-application, the paint will reach a state of touch dryness within approximately 2 hours, under the condition that it is a 2K air dry system. Complete curing, resulting in full hardness and durability of the paint layer, is achieved within 48 hours. This timeline is essential for planning the subsequent handling or use of the painted item, ensuring the longevity and quality of the finish.

Please note – Our Straight to Melamine/Laminate RAL 7038 Agate Grey Paint aerosol cans are custom mixed and should be tested before application. We do not take responsibility for any colour difference once you have applied the paint to your surfaces. If the colour is not accurate, please contact us to arrange a return.

The colour displayed on this page is for guidance only. The colour shown depends on your monitor settings such as brightness, contrast and resolution. The finished paint colour you receive, therefore, may not be as exact as depicted on a screen. Some colours may vary upto 20% compared whats displayed on screen due to this reason.