RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint Aerosols/Litre Tins & Touch Up Pots & Pens

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint
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For best results, we recommend primer be used on surfaces before the aerosol spray paint top coat paint is applied.

Manufacturer: One Stop Aerosols

Product Code: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint

Availability: True

Price: £7.99 - £69.99

Condition: New

RGB Colour Code: 56-62-66

Hexadecimal Colour Code: #383E42

Product Description

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint is one of the colours from the RAL Classic Colour Chart and comes in three different aerosol spray paint types Cellulose, Acrylic and Synthetic Enamel.

All our paints are custom mixed using the highest quality Lechler paint colours and binders available on the market.

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint is available in 400ml 1 Pack (1K) and 2 Pack (2K) (which contains a built-in hardener) aerosol paint cans, litre tins, touch-up and repair pots or pens.

We also offer additional customisations, including gloss levels ranging from Full Matt (0% Gloss) to Full Gloss (90% Gloss).

Optional deodoriser, UV Protection and high-resistance additives can also be mixed into our custom paints when requested.

All of our aerosols come with a unique vari-nozzle with a wide and narrow operation switch which delivers HVLP style Atomisation, minimal overspray and constant pressure.

Please note 2K paints are only available as Acrylic Enamel.

1K/2K Aerosol Safety Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

1K Aerosol paint takes around 30 minutes to cure completely.

The time it takes for a 2K aerosol to touch dry in 40 minutes. To dry out thoroughly is 24-48 hours depending on the conditions the paint is used in, for example, it will take longer to fully cure if applied outside in colder or damper conditions as opposed to a hot summers day.

You can expect to be able to coat roughly 2 square meters in a single coat using a 400ml aerosols.

For best results, we recommend 2-4 coats depending on the colour chosen, existing colour to be re top coated and surface material to be sprayed

We highly recommend the use of a primer for almost all your painting plans, we stock and supply the correct primers necessary for the surface material, example glass primers, fibreglass primers and plastic primers. When choosing a primer, it is essential to select the proper primer for the surface material you plan to apply the topcoat.

Please note – Our RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint aerosol cans, litre tins and touch up and repair pots/pens are custom mixed and should be tested before application. We do not take responsibility for any colour difference once you have applied the paint to your surfaces. If the colour is not accurate, please contact us to arrange a return.

The colour displayed on this page is for guidance only. The colour shown depends on your monitor settings such as brightness, contrast and resolution. The finished paint colour you receive, therefore, may not be as exact as depicted on a screen. Some colours may vary upto 20% compared whats displayed on screen due to this reason.

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Marcus - 4 months ago

I recently bought an RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint aerosol can and was genuinely impressed. The packaging was straightforward, giving a good first impression of what was inside. When I used it, the paint covered the surface well, spreading evenly without any hassle of drips or uneven patches. The colour was just as described - a deep, rich anthracite grey that gave a new lease of life to my project. The standout feature for me was the paint's durability. It's held up remarkably well against daily wear and tear, keeping its colour and finish without any signs of fading or peeling. This durability is a big plus, suggesting I won’t need to redo the job anytime soon. Another point worth mentioning is the quick drying time. It allowed me to move on with my project without having to wait around, and the low odour was a bonus, making the painting process more comfortable than expected. To sum up, the RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey Paint aerosol can is a solid choice. It offers great coverage, lasting durability, and is user-friendly. For anyone looking to get a professional finish with minimal fuss, this paint won't let you down.

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